Additional suspects charged in deadly shooting at Woodbury graduation party

Demaris Nathan Hobbs-Ekdahl was identified by family as the 14-year-old shot and killed at a graduation party in Woodbury Saturday night.  (Supplied)

Several more suspects have been charged in connection with a shooting near a graduation party in Woodbury, Minnesota Saturday night that left a 14-year-old boy dead. 

Jaden Townsend, 19, of St. Paul and Enrique Davila, 23, are both charged with aiding and abetting second-degree murder and several counts of aiding and abetting second-degree assault in connection with the killing of 14-year-old Demaris Hobbs-Ekdahl. 

The charges also mention a 17-year-old boy as one of the suspects. 

Hobbs-Ekdahl’s stepfather, Keith Dawson, has also been charged with several felony counts for his role in the deadly shooting, including drive-by shooting and assault. 

According to a combination of family, police reports and court documents, Demaris and some other young friends and family members were at a graduation party on the 6100 block of Edgewood Avenue Saturday when Townsend, Davila and the 17-year-old boy showed up and pulled guns on them. 

Hobbs-Ekdahl reportedly called his stepfather, Dawson, who then met them at a car dealership near the party. According to the charges, Dawson told them they needed to go back to the party so the trio would stop messing with them.  

The group, including Hobbs-Ekdahl, followed Dawson in their own vehicle back to the party. They told police Dawson slowly drove by Townsend, Davila and the other suspect who were standing outside another vehicle, and Dawson fired shots toward them. 

The armed trio responded, opening fire. Hobbs-Ekdahl was struck in the back as the group in the Kia Forte tried to drive away. 

Hobbs-Ekdahl was pronounced dead at the hospital. 

Townsend and Davila were charged by warrant. They are not in custody and their whereabouts are unknown, the charges say.