Minnetonka standoff: Body camera video shows shootout

Officials have released body camera video showing a shootout between Hennepin County deputies and an armed man at a Minnetonka home earlier this month.

The gunman, Clint Hoyhtya, 28, died at the scene of the standoff from multiple gunshot wounds on April 10.

Two deputies were also injured during the incident: Deputy Christopher Heihn was struck by gunfire and Deputy Keith McNamara was injured by shrapnel.

Authorities said they had gone to a home at the end of a cul-de-sac on Crestwood Drive East in Minnetonka. Deputies had gone to the home to arrest someone else, a man named Joshua Ramos, but instead were met by Hoyhtya.

Deputies said Hoyhtya fired shots at them with an AR-15 rifle after they knocked on his door. The newly released body camera video documents the tense moments through four separate angles.

From start to finish, the incident lasted only about 15 minutes.

A timeline of events

WARNING: The video above contains moments that could be disturbing for viewers. Discretion is advised.

Start of video

The video shows deputies knocking on the door of the home on Crestwood Drive East. A dog is heard barking. As deputies wait, Hoyhtya apparently came to the door and looked at the deputies. However, they aren't sure if the person in the house is the man they are looking for.

Authorities again knock on the door. A man inside yells, "What the f--- do you want?"

The man, presumably Hoyhtya, continues yelling belligerently. Then deputies spot a gun.

3:20 mark

About three and half minutes into the body camera video, deputies spot Hoyhtya with a gun. A deputy on the backside of the home sees him and yells at him to show his hands.

At that moment, shots are fired. Deputies then back away from the house to see cover behind a shed. Behind the shed, deputies yell at a neighbor to go to her basement.

At the five-minute mark, Deputy Heihn sprints to his squad to get a rifle and deputies call in for backup and an ambulance.

10:40 mark

Deputy Heihn, seeking cover behind a garage, again spots Hoyhtya at the front of the residence. He yells at Hoyhtya to show his hands. But, Hoyhtya instead opens fire, striking Deputy Heihn.

After being hit, Deputy Heihn retreats to safety behind a squad. Heihn is bleeding from his hand. Another deputy runs up to assist him with a tourniquet.

As Heihn runs, more shots are heard.

20:25 mark

The second body camera angle is from Deputy McNamara's view. When Heihn is shot, he is across the way, holding a perimeter behind a shed.

McNamara and his deputies move back to help.

21:40 mark

McNamara retrieves a rifle from a squad and then someone yells: "He's in the backyard."

Another volley of gunfire is heard. McNamara cries out in pain at one point but continues firing.

Blood is visible on his rifle at about the 22:20 mark in the video. A fellow deputy says it appeared to be a bloody nose caused by rifle kickback. But, McNamara adds, he "took something in the leg."

24:10 mark

More shouting is heard, and Deputy McNamara asks "is that him?" That is followed by another round of gunfire. At that point, the suspect is hit and McNamara yells for him to show his hands.

 Deputies say Hoyhtya is wearing body armor but doesn't appear to be moving.