Minnesota weather: Boaters, water skiers enjoy record-setting warm Christmas weekend

It was a record-setting Christmas weekend, and some Minnesotans took advantage of the warm weather by trading their snow skis for water skis and getting back on the water. 

Christmas weekend saw raindrops instead of snowflakes with record-high temperatures on both days. On Christmas Eve, the Twin Cities saw a high of 55 degrees, crushing the previous record high of 46 degrees set in 1957.

On Christmas, the high hit 54 degrees, pushing past the previous record of 51 degrees, set in 1922.

With the lack of ice and snow, some broke out their water skis and took advantage of the unusually warm weather, like members of the Little Crow Water Ski Team in Spicer, Minnesota.

Team members got in the holiday spirit while on the water as one person was seen skiing in a Santa hat, while Santa enjoyed a casual pontoon ride. However, one skier dressed only in a bright winter hat, swimsuit, and lifejacket before wiping out in the chilly water. 

Closer to the Twin Cities, a boater enjoyed the lack of ice on Fish Lake in Maple Grove and towed a skier behind on Christmas. 

Unfortunately, the 50-degree temperatures won’t stick around as cooler and more winter-like temperatures arrive on Tuesday.