Minnesota families deal with flooding, hope worst is over this season

This spring one family is learning the hard way, that when Mother Nature takes over, there’s not much you can do to stop her. 

In just over a week, Karol and Patrick Shanahan’s Independence farmhouse has been transformed into "lakefront property." 

But while beautiful, the views aren’t bringing them much peace of mind, "Last week was terrible," Patrick told FOX 9. "There’s a level of stress that comes with it as you see the water coming."

Shanahan’s home sits miles away from any river or lake, and usually it’s surrounded by grassy meadows and a horse pasture. But right now all of the land has been overtaken by feet of flowing water. 

The couple feared they’d eventually be left on an island after spring snowmelt and heavy rains sent the Crow River into major flood stage. Their vegetable and flower gardens are underwater, and the road to their home is closed.

For the time being, geese, swans, and ducks are even making a home of their front yard. Inside the house, the Shanahans hope the water doesn’t force them out of the home.

"It’s tough because you just look out the window and wonder when it’s going to stop?" Karol said. "How high is it going to get and are we going to have to leave?"