Minneapolis teachers strike Day 2: Educators rally at the Capitol

Wednesday marks Day 2 of the Minneapolis teachers strike for better pay and working conditions for teachers and support staff, smaller class sizes, and further mental health support for students.

Around 4,500 members of the Minneapolis Teachers Federation and Education Support Professionals are beginning the day with morning picketing, then holding an afternoon rally at the Capitol.

Read more about the educators' demands here.

Morning update

The striking educators provided an update on the mediation schedule at 9 a.m. at Lucy Laney Elementary School in Minneapolis. They will be back on the mediation table at 10:30 a.m. with district leads.

"Our members are willing to do whatever it takes for as long as it takes for schools our students deserve," MFT President Greta Callahan said. "We are in the fight for the soul of our city right now.

ESP President Shaun Laden says the district must get back to labor management, sharing power and making sure that folks on the ground and doing the work have a say in how they run the schools.

"We want to be very clear – we do not believe that we have budget crisis in the Minneapolis Public Schools. We believe we have a values and priorities crisis," he said. "Our leaders need to come to the table."

Callahan says the school board has not countered them on what they put on the table on the union's priorities last Tuesday. The union members say they will not back down until the contract is settled.

"We are one day longer, we are one day stronger," Laden said.

Rally at the Capitol

At 1 p.m., striking Minneapolis educators gathered at the state Capitol to demand legislators to fully fund public education. They say the state should use its $9.25 billion budget surplus to provide students the safe and stable schools they deserve. Watch the rally on FOX 9's Youtube page

Minneapolis educators rally at the Capitol Wednesday afternoon on their second day of striking for safe and stable schools.

DAY 1 SUMMARY: ‘Frustrated, sad, disappointed'

MPS teachers marched and formed picket lines on Tuesday, Mar. 8, as part of a strike for increased wages and support.