Minneapolis Police search for Uptown shooting suspect

Additional patrols are out on the streets in Uptown Minneapolis after three people were shot in the parking lot of Lotus Uptown Friday night. 

Saturday evening there was little sign of what happened the night before, but the restaurant’s owner, Yoom Ngyuen, remains stunned by what happened. 

“It all happened so fast,” said Ngyuen. “We were all sitting there and the next thing you know we all heard something in the parking lot.” 

Ngyuen said it was a smooth Friday night as the crowd watched game four of the NBA Finals, but just after the game shots rang out in the parking lot. It’s unclear whether the victims were actually customers at Lotus. 

“Possibly two of these individuals who were shot are not intended targets,” said Minneapolis Police spokesperson John Elder. “They are people who were not part of the incident and are basically innocent victims.” 

A third person later showed up at HCMC with gunshot wounds. 

“What we do know is that it is possible that the one person was in fact an intended victim,” Elder said. 
Investigators spent the day tracking down leads in addition to adding patrols to the area. 

“Unfortunately, part of our job is reactive,” Elder said. “And we will be adjusting our resources for the department to ensure that that area is being covered very thoroughly.” 

Ngyuen decided not to let the shooting keep him from reopening the restaurant Saturday. However, he hopes the shooters are caught soon. 

“This is not what we want; we work too hard for this,” Ngyuen said. “You know, [my] family’s name on there. [My] parents, my brothers, my daughters, my nephews, my nieces - this represents all of us, so when something happens like this, it’s tough.” 

Two of the people shot have been released from the hospital. The third remains in serious, but stable condition. 

If you have any information on the shooting Friday night call Minneapolis Police.