Minneapolis police discipline reports made public

The City of Minneapolis has released reports that offer insight into discipline administered to Minneapolis Police Department (MPD) officers – some of which stem from the aftermath of the civil unrest following George Floyd's death.

The City of Minneapolis offers a police discipline decision dashboard that allows users to see a summary of the Minneapolis Police Department’s discipline and investigation findings, though its offerings are heavily redacted.

While the dashboard itself isn't new, disciplinary reports since George Floyd's death that weren't previously on the dashboard have been added.

The dashboard shows that 68 Minneapolis Police Department officers have faced disciplinary action since April 3, 2012.

During a two-day stint, from May 28 to May 30, 2020, the dashboard shows 10 MPD officers received violations – predominately regarding use of force, code of conduct and equipment violations.

Since Nov. 1, 2017, six officers have been terminated from the department – two resulting from incidents during the two-day time frame in May 2020. The other officers received either suspensions or letters of reprimand for discipline for their actions.

One of the MPD officers fired was Justin Stetson, who fired a 40mm "less-lethal" round at four men who had gathered in a parking lot to protect local businesses from looting – striking Jaleel Stallings in the chest.

The other officer, Ronald Stenerson, faced four separate violations, including the use of chemical aerosols, as well as failing to use his camera and report the use of force.

The majority of disciplinary documents were signed by former police chiefs Medaria Arradondo and Amelia Huffman.

In Minnesota, police disciplinary records aren't public until they've gone through a grievance process – oftentimes blamed for slow recourse.