Minneapolis Mayor: Students in walkout are NRA's 'worst nightmare'

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey joined a number of his city's students and teachers Wednesday during a school walkout to protest a recent spate of gun violence, one of a number of similar events nationwide following last week's school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla.

Taking the opportunity to call on the state legislature to enact meaningful firearm regulations, Frey delighted those gathered by marching from MLK Park to City Hall with a group of students from Southwest High School and briefly voiced his support for the students' message.

"This is the NRA's worst nightmare," he said to the crowd. "We've got a message for the gun lobby. Look at all these young, smiling faces out here. They're warriors and they're coming for you."

At least four Minneapolis schools participated in the 11 a.m. walkout, including Washburn High School, Roosevelt High School, South High School and Southwest High School, with many students taking public transportation downtown before the march. "No guns in our schools" was the rallying cry of the afternoon, with a source telling Fox 9 the Minneapolis City Council is working on a proposal to take an official position favoring a statewide assault weapon ban.

Minneapolis Public Schools said it will not discipline students who leave class as long as the protest remains peaceful, though they will not be able to return or participate in after-school activities.