Meet 'Shiloh' the crime-fighting horse

Meet the crime bustin’ horse who help Volusia Co. deputies take down a man on the run.  

Shiloh is known to be feisty and energetic. But no one expected the 8-year old quarter horse would make headlines as a crime fighter.

“He would probably never hurt anybody” says co-owner Brenda Heartz.

However, he apparently will chase down someone running from the cops in his pasture. Volusia County Sheriff’s deputies recently watched from a helicopter above as three horses charged after a man they were chasing across a Deland area field. The Sheriff’s video shows the man try to climb a fence. In the helicopter video you can see Shiloh approach and the man fall across the fence.

“Jumped over a fence. Horse just chased him down” the pilot is heard to say on the chopper video.

Deputies arrested the man just after Shiloh chased him.