Medica mistakenly sent letters containing private medical data to wrong addresses

A technical mistake led to thousands of letters containing sensitive medical data intended for clients to be sent out to wrong addresses.

Medica says a file containing incorrect addresses for clients was mistakenly used to send out pharmacy benefit letters. Due to that mistake, some letters meant for clients were sent to incorrect addresses.

The mistake was realized in mid-March after letters had been sent out between January 1 and March 19.

While the mismailed letters didn't have Social Security numbers or financial account information, they did include other personal information like Medica ID numbers, dates of birth, your provider's name, prescription drug information, coverage information, and coverage or appeal decisions among other details.

Medica is working to notify impacted clients. The company says the error impacted nearly 3,000 Medicaid, Medicare, and group health plan members. Those with individual policies were not impacted.

Medica is reviewing the letters that were mistakenly sent and working to re-send letters.

At the same time, Medica says it making changes to ensure a mistake like this doesn't happen again.

Medica says they aren't aware of any misuse of the sensitive information that was sent out. But, they are still offering a free-year of Norton LifeLock.

Information on how to sign up will be mailed to affected members. Members can also call Medica Customer Service at 1-800-952-3455 for further information.