MDH warns Minnesota cannabis patients about vaping illnesses

A man smokes an e-cigarette (posed photo). Photo: Lisa Ducret/dpa (Photo by Lisa Ducret/picture alliance via Getty Images) (Getty Images)

After nationwide reports of vaping illnesses and even some deaths linked to vaping, the Minnesota Department of Health is warning medical cannabis users in the state.

According to a post on its website, the department says it is working with federal and local health officials to look into the cases. They urge any cannabis patients experiencing lung issues to contact their doctors. A Reddit user also reported getting an email Wednesday from the Department of Health with similar language 

As of Thursday, health officials say they have 28 confirmed or probable cases of vaping-linked injuries and an additional 13 cases being reviewed. Last week, doctors linked a 65-year-old man's death to vaping illegal THC products.

While warning users, the department notes evidence so far points to issues with illegal THC products -- not medical cannabis. But, officials say they "cannot give complete assurance of the safety of any specific vaping product until investigators determine a cause."

Wednesday, President Trump said he was considering banning flavored e-cigs due to health concerns.