Man sets off pipe bomb in St. Paul neighborhood after father’s ashes desecrated: Charges

A St. Paul man is facing a felony charge for allegedly building and setting off a pipe bomb meant for a man he claims "desecrated" his father’s ashes. 

Christopher William Kulak, 45, was charged in Ramsey County court on Thursday with felony gross disregard for human life or property by causing an explosive device to be discharged. 

The charges state Kulak drove to a St. Paul neighborhood on the 1600 block of York Avenue on June 13 and set off a pipe bomb near a dark blue Ford Ranger pickup and a Chevrolet Suburban.

The owner of the blue Ford Ranger told law enforcement he believes the pipe bomb was meant for a 52-year-old man who is often at his house and drives a black Ford Ranger. 

Kulak claims the 52-year-old man had broken into his home and "desecrated" his father’s ashes after he poured them onto the ground. He explained he was "livid" about what the man had allegedly done and purchased the supplies to build a pipe bomb, charging documents said. 

Investigators said he admitted to building the pipe bomb, lighting the fuse, and tossing the explosive device near the Ford Ranger he believed was the man’s truck. Cell phone data also placed Kulak in the area, and nearby video cameras captured a vehicle matching his stopping by two vehicles and sped off shortly before the explosion, charges allege. 

The Ranger had damage to the rear driver’s side door, and the suburban’s rear driver's side glass panel had shattered. No injuries were reported from the explosion. 

If convicted, Kulak would face up to 20 years behind bars.