Klobuchar says she's ready for Super Tuesday and beyond: 'I’m running all the way'

We are just days away from "Super Tuesday," when Minnesota voters along with thirteen other states will head to the polls to make their choices for the Democratic primary.

For many candidates, their performance on Super Tuesday could be make-or-break for their campaigns, and that includes Amy Klobuchar.

Coming off a poor performance in South Carolina, where she finished sixth behind Elizabeth Warren with just 3 percent of the vote and no delegates, Klobuchar is hoping to cruise to victory in her home state and make inroads elsewhere.

But, Klobuchar says she in for the long run no matter what happens on Tuesday.

"You know, I'm running all the way," she said. "I wouldn't have done this from the moment I announced in the blizzard if I didn't think I was the best candidate to lead our party and to be president."

Polls have Klobuchar leading in Minnesota but struggling to gain any traction in other states, like California and Texas which have the most delegates up for grabs.

Klobuchar will return to Minnesota Sunday night for a rally in St. Louis Park before heading back on the road. She's planning to be back home for a Tuesday night watch party as well.