'I want everyone to wear a mask': Minnesota family urges COVID-19 compliance as father fights for life

Chris Tabor is fighting for his life after contracting COVID-19. (Supplied)

A Minnesota family is urging others to not let their guard down on COVID-19 as their loved one fights a serious case of the disease.

"Our dad is in the hospital," explained Vivienne Tabor. "We don’t know when he’s coming out or if he’s coming out."

There is a feeling of emptiness and sadness for Vivienne Tabor and her sisters. "It’s really hard. I don’t want other people to have their parents die or be really sick."

The family is struggling while their father Chris Tabor continues to fight for his life inside the COVID-19 Intensive Care Unit at Methodist Hospital; the 47-year-old is currently sedated and on a ventilator.

"The physicians have said they are surprised that he is having such a hard time because of his age and that he is otherwise healthy," said Melissa Kaan, Chris' former partner. "But we really don’t know a lot about the virus and why it picks certain people."

We visited Chris' ICU wing earlier this week to see the care he and other patients are receiving as the virus shows no sign of easing up. Images of the nursing staff and medical team meant so much to the family as Chris was first admitted to the hospital before Thanksgiving with no visits since.

He apparently told them he wasn’t feeling well enough for a video call just before intubation. Updates are now coming twice daily from his caregivers on the floor.

"He seemed to be turning a corner and then everything went backwards and he really couldn’t make it without being on a ventilator," said Kaan.

Chris’ family is so scared right now. His 48th birthday is Christmas Day, typically a double celebration for his loved ones. But this year, it's all up in the air.

"I don’t even know where I am going to see him again, It’s really hard," said Vivienne.

For now, Vivienne is missing her Star Wars-loving dad and their weekly game night, and she is sharing the frightening health battle in hopes that others will take note.

"So I want everyone to wear a mask and I want people to stay safe and not hang out with their friends because It’s really scary for all of us."