Hy-Vee to limit meat purchases starting Wednesday

Hy-Vee grocery stores will be limiting the amount of meat purchases at all of its locations, according to a company statement. This comes after meat processing plants across the country have become hotspots for COVID-19, with some temporarily suspending operations.

Starting Wednesday, each customer will be limited to four packages of combination of fresh beef, ground beef, pork and chicken.

"We continue to work with industry leaders so we are prepared for any possible fluctuations in product and can best serve our customers," Hy-Vee said in a statment. "At Hy-Vee, we have product available at our stores but due to worker shortages at plants as well as an increase in meat sales, customers may not find the specific items they are looking for. Because of this, we are going to put a limit on customer purchases in the meat department."

Hy-Vee is not the only grocery store limiting how much meat customers can buy. Costco is temporarily limiting the amount of fresh beef, pork or chicken to three items per member. It is unknown how long these restrictions will be in place. 

Several meat processing plants in Minnesota have confirmed employees cases. According to the workers' union, JBS in Worthington is planning to reopen Wednesday after it closed on April 20 due to an outbreak. Jennie-O has also temporarily closed two locations in Willmar and a plant in Melrose. Employees have also tested positive at Pilgrim's Pride in Cold Spring.