Hopkins HS student hurt in crash on Highway 7: Family shares update

The family of a Hopkins High School student seriously injured in a crash on Highway 7 in Minnetonka has shared an update on her recovery, while calling into question the other driver's actions.

Lauren Olson was making a turn from westbound Highway 7 onto southbound Williston Road just before 2:30 p.m. on March 5 when she was hit by a 29-year-old driver from Minneapolis, according to the Minnesota State Patrol.

Shortly after the crash, traffic cameras caught more than a dozen people rushing over to help.

"It was an amazing show of support for somebody nobody even knew... There was a gentleman there with a pocketknife, so I could get the airbags cut. There was a gentleman there with a crowbar who was able to help me get the door open," Dan Griep told FOX 9.

Olson’s family has since updated her progress on a GoFundMe page, saying that after the crash she was taken to the Hennepin County Medical Center (HCMC), where she had emergency surgery for a bleed in her stomach and colon.

"Both surgeries were a success and the doctors were happy with the outcome, especially given the trauma her body went through," the post reads.

The family says she also suffered a brain bleed, for which a stint was inserted into her brain to relieve swelling.

"They will keep her sedated for about five days to let the brain repair itself," the post says. "They are also doing multiple CT scans daily to monitor the bleed and track her progress."

The post then takes aim at the driver in the other vehicle, saying, "The driver of the other vehicle should not have been driving, with no valid license, no insurance, and several dozen traffic violations in the last few years."

According to a Hennepin County search warrant filed for the case, the traffic light on Williston Road was properly working at the time, and the roadway surface was dry. The driver was observed traveling into the intersection of Highway 7 and against a red light.

The search warrant states that peace officers concluded the person who struck Olson’s vehicle was driving, operating, or controlling the motor vehicle under the influence of a combination of alcohol and a controlled, or intoxicating substance.

The driver also had a Minnesota Identification card status that was currently revoked.

FOX 9 does not name a suspect until they have been formally charged.