Gun control bills advance at Minnesota Capitol

Minnesota Democrats are advancing a series of tougher gun restrictions, with both sides of the debate making clear that the political dynamics have changed.

Gun rights groups no longer have a Republican-controlled Senate as a backstop, while gun control advocates are pressuring DFL lawmakers to act now that they have control of the Legislature and governor's office.

  • At a three-hour hearing, the House Public Safety committee approved four bills, sending them to another panel for further consideration. The measures would:
  • Impose background check requirements for all gun sales
  •  Allow so-called "red flag" orders, under which police could seize guns from someone with a judge's order. Police or family members could petition the court
  •  Create new criminal penalties for a gun owner convicted of not storing a gun both unloaded and away from ammunition
  • Require gun owners to report a lost or stolen firearm within 48 hours

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