Gov. Dayton visits Callaway post train crash, thankful it wasn't worse

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After a train collided with a tanker in the Becker County city of Callaway, Governor Mark Dayton spent his Saturday at the site; his chance to praise the firefighters and railroad workers for their quick response.

Days after the collision, crews continued to restore the site where a train crashed into a semi carrying 10,000 gallons of propane. Dayton said this is proof a train crash, derailment and explosion can happen anywhere in Minnesota.

Area lawmakers and Callaway city leaders on Saturday joined Dayton to applaud the volunteer firefighters from 21 area fire stations, and the plethora of emergency responders who tended to Thursday's railway crash.

“We salute you, a phenomenal response, a heroic response,” he said.

Canadian Pacific says video footage shows the truck proceeding over the crossing without stopping. The train's conductor and the semi driver walked away with minor injuries, but fire crews battled the burning tank car for hours, and then, propane exploded in a brilliant flash late Thursday night. Crews used 1 million gallons of water to knock it out.

Residents joined the governor on his first visit to the 230-person city, all thankful the collision wasn’t more destructive – or deadly. Residents were evacuated on Thursday as a precaution.

Dayton hopes the crash reminds lawmakers of the importance of railroad safety. It's an issue he addresses in his proposed bonding bill that lawmakers will consider this upcoming legislative session.

Railroad: Video shows propane truck never stopped for train in Callaway, Minn.