Good Samaritans save kitten from sewer drain in Waconia, Minn.

A kitten has finally been freed after he got stuck in a sewer drain in Waconia over the weekend. 

Piper the kitten became trapped in the parking lot drain, which is only five inches wide. The drains are connected to two down spouts, meaning that if it rained, he could’ve drowned.

More than a dozen people stayed by the drain throughout the weekend and into Monday, Tuesday and finally Wednesday afternoon, when he was saved.

Rescuers Caroline Dahle and Char Gruber arrived Tuesday morning and located Piper by using a drain camera. Another rescuer put her hand down the hole and was able to pet Piper, gaining his trust. She tried to pull him up out of the pipe, but he was too big.

Gruber estimates that Piper is about three to four months old.

Employees from Sullivan Sewer Services came out from Belle Plaine and used a drain camera to locate and track Piper. Then the employees determined how much water would be needed to make Piper float toward the larger drain and began pouring. When Piper reached the drain, someone would be there, ready to pull him out.

The group has since discovered that there were some four-week-old kittens and mother cat staying in the parking lot. The rescue group plans to reunite all the cats. Piper was placed in the care of a rescuer who works with the nonprofit group Rescued Pets Are Wonderful.

Rescuers also set up a GoFundMe page.