Feeding our Future defendant's home raided by feds after attempted juror bribe

Days after a woman showed up at the home of a Feeding our Future trial juror with a bag of cash, federal authorities raided the home of one of the defendants on trial.

FOX 9 is told that the home of Abdiaziz Farah in Savage was searched by the FBI for about four hours Wednesday morning.

None of the seven defendants currently standing trial have been charged at this point in connection to the alleged bribe.

The juror told court officials that a woman showed up at her Spring Lake Park home and spoke with her family member, leaving behind a $120,000 cash payment.

The woman called police and informed the court. The juror was dismissed on Monday because of the incident and the judge ordered the jury to be sequestered. A second juror was also dismissed on Tuesday because they had heard about the bribe from a family member.

Farah's home was also searched in January 2022 when the investigation into the alleged massive fraud of federal child nutrition funds began.

The search warrant from 2022 noted that the home was paid for entirely with money from the federal child nutrition program.

Farah is one of seven defendants in this trial and has been in custody since Monday. Their phones were taken to be searched to determine who orchestrated the attempted jury tampering.

This investigation continues as the jury deliberates on 41 charges against them.