Fargo police shooting: Injured officer was from Eagan

Monday, we are learning more about the three Fargo police officers shot in the line of duty last week.

The officer who was killed, Jake Wallin, was from St. Michael. One of the injured officers, Tyler Hawes, is from Eagan.

Steve Butler, who spent two years coaching Tyler Hawes in Eagan varsity baseball, shared pictures on the team’s Twitter account on Sunday. Hawes was the starting catcher in his senior year in 2019.

Upon learning his former player was one of the Fargo officers critically injured, Butler sent him a text message of support.

"I just spoke from the heart and told him I loved him and… I woke up Sunday morning with a text from him and it just said, 'Coach, appreciate the support' and I had goosebumps," Butler shared. "I have goosebumps right now thinking about seeing his name pop up on my phone on Sunday morning."

Hawes, who got married last fall, joined the Fargo Police Department this spring, around the same time as 23-year-old officer Jake Wallin. A gunman identified as 37-year-old Mohamed Barakat opened fire as the officers responded to a traffic accident. Barakat was shot and killed by another officer. His motive is still under investigation.

Wallin graduated from St. Michael - Albertville High School in 2018. The superintendent released a statement on Monday, in part stating, "He made a significant impact on our school community and beyond, and his loss will be deeply felt by all who had the privilege of knowing him."

A GoFundMe is quickly growing for Officer Andrew Dotas, a six-year veteran of Fargo Police, who was also critically injured. Fargo Police directed donations to the "Leadership Care Fund," an independent site that will support the families of all three officers.

As for Hawes, Coach Butler has faith in his former player. "He’s such a strong-willed young man, that in my heart I just believe he’s going to recover from this," Butler said.