Family seeking justice for murder of 30-year-old mother

Tanasha Austin loved to have a good time and was always the life of the room. 

"She’s big energy. She lets you know she’s there," Dedrah Lessley, Tanasha’s mother, told FOX 9.

Her fun-loving, free spirit was stolen on the morning of March 18 after she was shot and killed outside an apartment building in the Lowry Hill neighborhood of Minneapolis.

"To bury my sister at the age of 30 is never fair. It’s not right," said Austin’s sister, Latisha.

A family is seeking justice for after the murder of 30-year-old mother last month.

According to Minneapolis Police, the shooting happened after an argument broke out around 7:30 a.m. The mother of two was taken to Hennepin Healthcare, where she later died.

"Her children deserve it. Her children and her family deserve justice for her. She deserves justice," Lessley said.

Her family says it was her killer who dropped her off at the hospital and left her there. They are now pleading for those responsible to come forward.

"It’s either you turn yourself in willingly, or you have people looking for you, which can end even worse… we need justice, her kids need justice. It’s not fair that they don’t get to wake up to their mother. It’s not fair that my mother is grieving her daughter at the age of 30," Latisha said.

Tanasha Austin

Even though Tanasha’s mother and sister insist they know who is responsible for her murder, Minneapolis police tell FOX 9 they are not releasing any suspect names, photos, or vehicle information, as of Friday night.

As they wait for answers and justice, Tanasha’s loved ones are raising money for a memorial and for her children with a Gofundme page.