Family of Ricky Cobb II speaks after MN trooper charged with murder

Emotions ran high this morning at the Hennepin County Government Center where the family of Ricky Cobb spoke out following the charging of a state patrol trooper with murder.

Cobb was shot and killed during a traffic stop last July on I-94. Thursday,

Ricky Cobb Sr. shared his profound grief, stating, "I will say to any father who’s lost a child… this takes you to a different level."

For Cobb Sr., the charges do not fill the void left by his son's death. He expressed a desire for truth over justice, saying: "I look at justice as my son is not the first one lost and never got justice. If he was, we wouldn't be here today. I’d rather have the truth. I can deal with the truth."

The family, along with their attorneys, spoke a day after Trooper Ryan Londregan was charged by Hennepin County. County Attorney Mary Moriarty accused Londregan of failing to follow training. Even though Cobb had begun to drive away with troopers partly inside his car, the threat didn't necessarily exist to justify force, that shooting him was useless in that situation because it didn't stop the car.

"People talk about dragging as if this was a defense," argued the Cobb family attorney Harry Daniels. "Well the video is clear, crystal clear."

The Cobb family's lead attorney believes the troopers were not in danger. Statements from the troopers to investigators say they felt that they were.

Rashad Cobb, Ricky's twin brother, called for equality and justice: "We want equality, we want justice. We’re not asking for the world, we’re just asking for what’s righteously ours."

"Hopefully, my son will get some rest, peacefully," added Cobb Sr. "Because right now, the family ain't getting rest, not peaceful. We're closing our eyes, but it's not peaceful."

As far as a civil suit in the case, the family's attorney says that is possible to support Ricky Cobb's children. For now, their focus remains on the criminal case against Ryan Londregan, who is scheduled to make his first court appearance on Monday.