Gov. Tim Walz, Minnesota DFL call for Sen. Nicole Mitchell's resignation after burglary charge

Gov. Tim Walz and the Minnesota DFL are calling for Minnesota Sen. Nicole Mitchell's resignation.

The governor told FOX 9 he thinks Mitchell should resign. 

Meanwhile, on Thursday, the Minnesota DFL said in a statement Mitchell should resign because she has refused to "take responsibility for her actions" after she was arrested and later charged with burglary

Sen. Mitchell (DFL-Woodbury) is accused of breaking into her stepmother’s home to retrieve some of her late father’s belongings. Mitchell claims she was simply performing a welfare check on her stepmother. However, that is not what is outlined in an official criminal complaint. 

She appeared before the Senate’s Ethical Conduct Subcommittee earlier this month as members considered whether the lawmaker adhered to the highest standards of ethical conduct required of a state senator. However, she refused to answer questions and invoked her 5th Amendment rights.

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While Democrats have previously argued to allow for due process before taking action, the Minnesota DFL Chairman Ken Martin released a statement Thursday morning calling for her resignation. 

"The Minnesota DFL believes that all elected officials should be held accountable, including members of our own party. While Sen. Mitchell is entitled to her day in court, her continued refusal to take responsibility for her actions is beneath her office and has become a distraction for her district and the Legislature. Now that her constituents have had full representation through the end of the legislative session, it is time for her to resign to focus on the personal and legal challenges she faces," said Martin. 

Martin's statement came after the end of the Minnesota Legislative session. Republicans called for Mitchell's resignation in the days following her arrest

Sen. Mitchell's next court appearance is set for June 10. 

FOX 9 has reached out to Mitchell for comment. 

This is a developing story. Check back for updates.