2 ways Sen. Mitchell could be forced out of MN Senate

The spotlight grew brighter on Senator Nicole Mitchell (DFL-Woodbury) on Thursday after her arrest last month.

Political opponents are loudly demanding her resignation and those calls are now coming from outside the chamber. But there are also a couple of other ways she could lose her seat.

She’s been at the Capitol in person every day this week and has sometimes cast a deciding vote.

But next week, she’ll be the subject of an ethics committee hearing looking into her burglary arrest in Detroit Lakes.

As Sen. Mitchell sat in the state senate chamber Thursday, she could hear her critics every time the doors opened.

"Senator Mitchell, resign now" came the cries from just on the other side of the door.

Fifteen to 20 people chanted throughout the session and several Woodbury residents held a press conference in the afternoon. DFL sources correctly noted that almost all of them were active GOP officers.

So FOX 9 went to the city to get opinions from Mitchell’s constituents.

"The responsible thing to do is to resign and to make sure that people have public officials who are, you know, operating and conducting themselves in a way that meets just the very highest ethical standards," said Adina Bergstrom.

"I think that she deserves her day in court," said Kate McLaughlin. "I think she should resign only if she is found guilty."

Without a resignation, there are still a couple of possible roads to removal. The Senate ethics committee takes up her case next week and they could recommend expelling her. Former GOP senator and political analyst Amy Koch is skeptical of that being the result.

"Because you have two Republicans, two Democrats," said Koch. "And so sometimes what comes out of the ethics committee is kind of a nothing burger."

She said a recall is also an unlikely scenario.

"I think a recall should be taken under very serious circumstances," Koch said. "This may rise to that."

The state Supreme Court would have to rule that it’s true she was convicted of a serious crime, and a petition would need almost 10,000 signatures to get a recall election scheduled.