Deshaun Hill killing: Cody Fohrenkam sentenced in teen's murder

Cody Fohrenkam has been sentenced to 38.5 years for the murder of standout Minneapolis North student-athlete Deshaun Hill Jr during a contentious hearing on Tuesday.

Fohrenkam was found guilty in January of second-degree intentional murder and second-degree unintentional felony murder for gunning down 15-year-old Hill in February 2022 not far from the Minneapolis North Community High School.

A judge, who called Forhenkam's actions "senseless," sentenced him on Tuesday, Feb. 28, to 463 months or 38.5 years in prison. Forhenkam maintained his innocence prior to his sentencing. 

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Prosecutors asked the judge to sentence Fohrenkam to 463 months (38.5 years) in prison, which is the top of the sentencing guidelines for second-degree murder. The state cited Fohrenkam's lack of acceptance of responsibility, lack of remorse and that he killed an innocent child.

Fohrenkam's defense attorney requested he be sentenced to 386 months (32.16 years) in prison, which is what state sentencing guidelines call for in this circumstance. 

A large contingent of Hill's family was in the courtroom sitting behind Fohrenkam. Several family members were wearing D-Hill in memoriam outfits.

Prior to the judge handing down Fohrenkam's sentence, the prosecution showed a PowerPoint celebrating Hill's life, which included pictures of Hill over the years. Then, Tuesday Sheppard, Hill's mom, provided a victim impact statement, comparing Fohrenkam to the devil and told Fohrenkam to "rot in hell" when she walked by him back to the gallery, which led to her being removed from the courtroom. At that point, she said, "I hope you die, bastard."

Chris Johnson, Hill's youth football coach, then spoke, saying Hill did not deserve to be taken. Johnson went on to describe the moments before Fohrenkam killed Hill, including getting beaten up at the corner store

Hill's father, Deshaun Hill Sr., also spoke ahead of sentencing. 

"This sentence brings legal closure to a tragic and senseless act of gun violence that devastated those who knew and loved Deshaun and everyone in the North High School community and beyond. I am grateful to the community members, law enforcement, and our team in the County Attorney’s office who played a role in delivering justice for Deshaun and his family. We must address the issues that make violence a viable decision for far too many people. We will continue to work with law enforcement to aggressively prosecute violence and hold those responsible accountable," Hennepin County Attorney Mary Moriarty said in a statement.

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