New videos show the moments leading to Deshaun Hill's senseless killing in Minneapolis

On the one-year anniversary of the murder of star North High quarterback Deshaun Hill in Minneapolis, new videos released by the courts show the moments leading up to Hill's senseless killing.

The videos were shown in court as Hill's killer, Cody Fohrenkam, was convicted of murder in the shooting last month.

On the day of the shooting on February 9, 2022, Hill was walking near Penn Avenue North and Golden Valley Road when he apparently brushed shoulders with Fohrenkam. The benign act ended with Fohrenkam gunning down Hill in broad daylight.

In court, jurors took only about an hour to reach a guilty verdict against Fohrenkam for second-degree intentional murder.

Part of the evidence against Fohrenkam was surveillance videos that showed the moments leading up to the shooting. Also, the videos include the interrogation of Fohrenkam after the shooting and video of an apparent mugging of Fohrenkam at a nearby store that happened hours before the shooting.

Fohrenkam is now set to be sentenced later this month for the murder.