Deep-fried ranch dressing is peak Minnesota for the State Fair

It's crazy it took this long for deep-fried ranch dressing to be on the new food list at the Minnesota State Fair.

Deep-fried ranch dressing is one of 33 official new foods at the Minnesota State Fair this year, and it will surely be on many Minnesotan's must-try lists. 

It's just ranch, fried.

Here's how it's described on the State Fair's website: "Ranch dressing filling made with ranch seasoning, buttermilk and cream cheese in a panko shell, deep-fried and dusted with ranch powder. Served with a side of hot honey sauce crafted with Cry Baby Craig's hot sauce." It's vegetarian. 

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How Minnesotan. 

The dish will be sold at LuLu's Public House in the West End Market. 

FOX 9 got a preview of the item on Tuesday — the filling is thicker than ranch dressing. Kelly O'Connell likened it to a cream cheese wonton. Hannah Flood said it's better than a cream cheese wonton saying, "It's so good" and rated it 10/10.

Social media is already buzzing at the idea of ranch dressing deep-fried. While some think it's a disgusting idea, others are thrilled to try it. Here's a sampling. 

In addition to the 33 official new foods, there are also six new food vendors this year

The Great Minnesota Get-Together runs from Aug. 22 through Labor Day, Sept. 2.