Crowd gathers to clean up Minneapolis Target damaged from looting

Community members are cleaning up areas of the Twin Cities damaged during protests that were held in reponse to the death of George Floyd.

Sunday morning, a crowd gathered at the Target on Lake Street, which was looted and damaged Thursday. The store is across the street from the Minneapolis Police Department Third Precinct, which was set on fire during the riots.

According to a tweet, the Sudani American Collective called for volunteers to gather at noon. Pierre Paul, one of the volunteers, says he came in from Illinois on Saturday to start picking up the pieces. A trash company came to remove other damaged items on Sunday.

Hundreds of volunteers joined in, a response he never expected. 

"What's really important is you see people out here with hijabs, you see people out here who are wearing Black Lives Matter shirts, people who are wearing Cops Lives Matter Shirts, but none of that matters because we're all coming together for one common good and that's to bring justice to what's happening to the stores and hopefully we can bring back justice to African-Americans who feel that has been taken away from them because it has been," said Paul.