Video shows interior of Minneapolis Police Third Precinct after rioters gain access, set fire

The Minneapolis Police Department Third Precinct was abandoned Thursday night after rioters set it on fire during escalating unrest over the death of George Floyd

Rioters gained entry to the Third Precinct shortly after 10 p.m. Mayor Jacob Frey said he made the call to evacuate officers from the precinct just before rioters set the building on fire. 

A video shows the interior of the precinct after it was after it was abandoned. Jared Goyette, who took the footage, wrote on Twitter, “I would describe the energy at the taking of the third precinct as Mad Max meets Les Mis.” 

City officials warned protesters to move away from the fire after receiving reports that gas lines had been cut. 

The Minnesota National Guard has been called in to calm the situation. Soldiers could be seen blocking off the area surrounding the Third Precinct Friday morning.