Cows escape from Chisago County farm during snow storm

A group of fugitive cows was no match for a Chisago County deputy/cowboy.

About six cows escaped from a farm in Chisago County during Saturday’s snowstorm. One cow was hit by a driver. The others led deputies on a snowstorm roundup Sunday morning.

Sergeant Scott Berg, and other deputies, herded the cows for about three hours back to the farm they had escaped from. Sgt. Berg’s wife tells Fox 9 her family’s love for the rodeo came in handy.

“Inevitably, when an animal gets out, he gets called,” Terri Berg said. “He had to heard the cows with his squad car for about three hours, which is funny because we just bought a cow horse last weekend.”

During the escape, one Rush City resident was surprised to see several cows staring through her window while she ate her morning cereal.

“I was sitting here eating my frosted flakes, and then, I heard a mooing and I looked out the window, and I didn't see anything,” Sami Smith told Fox 9. “So I sat back down, took another bite, and I heard like three more [moos]. So I got back up to the window and I have like four cows staring at me.”

Smith immediately sent the picture of the staring cows to her friends.

“Maybe they’ll come to the door next time," she said. 

While the cows are returned to their owner, there is still one cow on the lam.

Deputies say the whole experience is a reminder for drivers to move over for law enforcement. The roundup happened during a snowstorm that had deputies extremely busing dealing with crashes. There was also an emergency situation.

“Road conditions are dangerous in the snow, but make sure to move for for law enforcement so they can get there as quickly, and safely as possible,” Sgt. Kyle Puelston told Fox 9.