Closs' return brings hope to family of missing Washington County girl

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Photo credit Washington County Sheriff's Office

Jayme Closs' return has given new hope to many families still looking for loved ones who have gone missing.

The Washington County Sheriff's Office shared one family's message as they continue searching for Susan Swedell, who went missing in 1988.

"There is no way to truly know how devastating it is to have a loved one missing unless you have lived it. That uncertainty, that fear. The persistent hope. The recent return of Jayme Closs is an amazing, uplifting reminder that some families do receive answers," the department wrote on Facebook.

Authorities are offering a reward of up to $25,000 in finding Sue. Those with any information are asked to call the tip line at 651-430-7850.

According to the sheriff's office, the family wrote the following message for Sue:

"January 19th, 2019, marks 31 years that our dear Sue has been missing
31 years of not having enough information to find her
31 years of life being turned upside down
31 years of living in a nightmare
To those around us, 31 years looks like she couldn’t possibly be still around—but when you are living though this, the not knowing, you don’t think that way, you still have and cling onto the hope, because yes, there is still hope. Please keep searching for Sue. Please keep the hope. Mom and I are lost without her.
~We love you dearly Sue~"