Cherry from Minneapolis' 'Spoonbridge' sculpture removed for repainting

The cherry from the iconic "Spoonbridge and Cherry" fountain at the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden was temporarily removed Tuesday morning to undergo repainting

The 1,200-pound ball of aluminum was unbolted and lifted from its base with a crane and placed on a flatbed truck. It is now headed to New York for a fresh coat of paint, according to the Walker Art Center. 

A worker climbed inside the cherry to take out the bolts and rode inside as it traveled through the air to the truck. He said he had done the same thing the last time the cherry was repainted in 2009, describing the ride as "not bad." 

The Spoonbridge and Cherry has been a feature at the sculpture garden since its opening in 1988.  Due to the harsh Minnesota winters, the art center said the cherry needs a fresh coat of paint about once every 10 years to keep its red "crisp and glossy."