Carjacker makes off with $3K in golf gear after robbery at Theodore Wirth Golf Club

Theodore Wirth Golf Club (FOX 9)

A carjacker at Theodore Wirth Golf Club made off with a vehicle that had $3,000 worth of golf gear inside, police said Wednesday.

Golden Valley police say they are assisting park police with the investigation following the robbery Wednesday afternoon at the golf club on Theodore Wirth Parkway. Investigators say a man wearing a facemask and holding a gun ran up to the driver of a black 2015 Audi A5 as he was backing into a parking spot around 2 p.m.

The carjacker forced the victim out of his vehicle and then drove away, taking the victim's golf set with him.

Investigators say this carjacking is similar to other robberies in Golden Valley this month. This is at least the fourth carjacking reported since mid-May.