Barnyard diva Minny Moo the cow celebrates her first birthday

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Minnie Moo the cow should not be alive. Born premature, veterinarians gave her a five percent chance at survival--but she beat the odds and today calls the Sunnyside Stables in Rosemount home.

“She’s basically a dog, just a little bit slower than a dog,” said Ashley Mosier.

Mosier, for all intensive purposes, has become Minnie Moo’s mom. Growing up at the stables, Minnie Moo has spent most of her time with the dogs, running and playing with anyone around. Her story has also gained traction on social media, leading dozens to attend her first birthday party Thursday night.

“I think she’s one of the team. I think that’s what she thinks she is,” said Sunny Side Stables co-owner Lee Orr.

Minnie Moo loves people and loves pictures. Her selfie taking is now a running joke around the stables--and it’s her personality that’s giving many a new reason to smile.