Baby zebra 'Krump' named after longtime Como Zoo volunteer

Photo: Como Zoo

After four weeks, Como Zoo’s newest zebra has a name. The zoo named the baby zebra after one of their long-time volunteers and Korean War Veteran, Frank Krmpotich. He passed away unexpectedly on Sept. 14 at the age of 84. Frank volunteered as a visitor greeter at Como Zoo for 21 years.

Frank’s nickname was ‘Krump.’ His wife says he loved volunteering at the zoo.

“He just loved meeting and greeting all the people. He was such a people person”, Connie Krmpotich said in a statement. “Frank had the nickname ‘Krump’ as long as I’ve known him, and that’s since third grade”.

When told the zoo would like to name the baby zebra “Krump” as a tribute to Frank, Connie was quick to reply, “that’s fantastic, the kids will just love it”.

“Everyone loved Frank”, Michelle Furrer, Como Park Zoo and Conservatory Director, said in a statement. “Whether he was handing out Pearson’s Mints to the staff, or pennies to the kids, he always looked like he was having the greatest time. He will be missed terribly by everyone at Como”.

Krump was born on Sept. 3. He was the second baby zebra born in a two-month time span. The zebras Thelma and Ulysses are the parents of Krump.

The gestation period for zebras ranges from 10 to 12 months. Como Zoo is home to Grant’s Zebras, which are typically found in the grassy plains of eastern Africa.