Baby tiger names announced at Minnesota Zoo

The Minnesota Zoo announced the names of the three Amur Tiger cubs Wednesday morning. 

Two of the cubs were named by Zoo staff. Those names are Bronso and Yana. 

The third was voted on by the public who chose from Vostok, Anri, Aleksei, and Vasya.

With over 20,000 votes tallied the winner is: Vostok!

"When looking at naming options for animals at the Zoo, we try to choose names that are representative of the region and culture of the species’ native habitat in the wild. Amur tigers are native to eastern Asia, where their range mostly consists of temperate forests along the Amur River. The three selected names relate back to geography and bodies of water – Vostok and Brosno reference lakes and Yana references a river," Minnesota Zoo Communications and Media Relations Manager Zach Nugent said in a release.