Minnesota Zoo needs your help naming one of the Amur tiger cubs

No, you can’t choose Tiger McTiger Face. 

Amur Tiger cub

The Minnesota Zoo is asking for the public's help in naming this adorable Amur tiger cub. (FOX 9)

But look at that face! 

One of the three adorable Amur tiger cubs is in need of a name and the Minnesota Zoo is asking for your help in choosing it.

The zoo announced Tuesday it will be putting the name of one of the male tiger cubs up for a vote. The options are Anri, Aleksei, Vasya, and Vostok.

Voting opens Tuesday, Aug. 16, and runs through Aug. 23.

The other male cub and the female’s cub names will be chosen internally. 

All three names will be announced on Aug. 24. 

You can vote online here