Artists spread messages of hope through art at the Midtown Global Market

Artists paint plywood outside the Midtown Global Market in Minneapolis. (FOX 9)

There’s a transformation happening in the midst of the rubble around Midtown Global Market in Minneapolis.

Community artists are behind a project to show the magic of the market is still there even as the community hurt and healing continues.

As plywood boards are going up on businesses including Midtown Global Market ahead of a verdict in the Derek Chauvin trial, what’s also going up are messages of hope through art.

"Everyone interprets art differently, but I hope they see themselves reflected," said artist Tachianna Charpenter.

There’s something special happening inside, too.

"The magic of Midtown is still here and that’s why we decide to name the project that to really make this a love letter to the community about the beauty that is still here," said artist Simone Alexa.

Community artist Simone Alexa is spending whatever free time she has on this project, going up on the interior walls of Midtown Global Market.

"This mural talks about the unrest that happened this summer and sort of recontextualizes it with nature," said Alexa.

Alexa said it’s not just about what people see when they look at this space but what they feel.

"It seduces them into having these conversations where they might not have that conversation if they see someone protesting down the street."

The death of George Floyd and now Daunte Wright in the middle of the Derek Chauvin trial have all deepened a wound the community hasn’t healed from. But Simone’s hoping that maybe she, and other community artists, can comfort others in some small way.

"I feel like this will take my energy and put it into something that can stay for a long time and help other people," said Alexa.