Annadale man survives serious crash thanks to local surgeon, 'divine intervention'

Heidi Wurm calls it "divine intervention" that her husband is alive today. He was nearly killed in a serious crash on Highway 55 in Rockford Wednesday, where a trauma surgeon was first on scene to help.

52-year-old Tony Wurm of Annandale was driving down Highway 55 in Rockford, when he crashed into the back of a truck carrying a load of utility poles. Witnesses say the poles went through Wurm’s windshield and through the car.

Hennepin Healthcare trauma surgeon Dr. Ryan Fey happened to be driving behind Wurm, and was the first on the scene.

"Once I saw the crash, I ran right up to the truck because I knew this was not good," said Dr. Fey.

"The poles had completely obliterated where the driver should be sitting. There was no space left for a person there," he said. "And there was no one calling out for help there were no sounds of movement or struggle. It was just silent. I was really worried at that point."

Dr. Fey said when the poles hit Wurm, the driver’s seat broke and laid him flat, likely saving his life.

"I don’t believe in coincidence," said Wurm’s wife Heidi. "I think we were blessed."

Until first responders arrived and cut away the poles, Fey could not administer any medical attention, but his trauma experience paid off – as he was able to remain calm and reassure Wurm as he started to regain consciousness.  

Heidi Wurm got to meet the doctor who helped save her husband’s life Thursday, giving him a big hug when he entered the hospital room at Hennepin Healthcare.

"I just want to hug everyone who was there, but he was first on the scene, so you’re getting my first hug," said Heidi. 

Wurm suffered the loss of his left arm, several facial fractures, a punctured lung, fractured neck, and some brain bleeding. Doctors believe he will survive.

"I know my husband has a long road ahead," said Heidi. "I can dwell on what’s going on or I can look at the bright side and say look at what could have been. I walked away lucky yesterday - my husband survived."

Dr. Fey says all praise should go to the emergency responders, as they freed Wurm from the car and got him to the hospital.