Buffalo Allina clinic shooting suspect threatened mass shooting at hospital in 2018, police report says

Gregory Ulrich, the 67-year-old Buffalo, Minnesota man accused of shooting five people at an Allina Health clinic Tuesday, had previously threatened to commit a mass shooting at a hospital, police records show. 

In October 2018, an Allina doctor reported to the Buffalo Police Department that Ulrich was making threats of mass shooting or other scenarios against the hospital, according to the police report. 

The doctor told police Ulrich had called him three times, very upset and angry with the medical community. He said Ulrich "talked about shooting, blowing things up and practicing different scenarios of how to get revenge" during these calls. 

The doctor said Ulrich told him he "wanted it big and sensational so that it makes an impact." 

Ulrich reportedly made comments about four different Allina facilities, including Buffalo. 

"I believe Ulrich is a high threat to society and himself," the doctor told police. 

An officer contacted Ulrich, who told them he dreamed getting revenge on the people who "tortured" him, referring to previous back surgeries and medication issues after the surgeries, according to the police report. 

Court documents show that following the incident, the doctor was granted a harassment restraining order against Ulrich that required him to stay away from the doctor and the two Allina facilities where he worked—the Buffalo Hospital and the Buffalo Crossroads clinic where Tuesday’s deadly shooting took place.

Weeks later in late November 2018, he violated the order and was arrested. Another harassment restraining order was filed in December and he violated that one too.
In May 2019, he pleaded guilty to the violation and a psychological evaluation was ordered, according to court records. The judge ruled he did not need to be confined.
Shortly after, he applied for a gun permit. A Wright County memo outlined it was highly recommended he not be allowed one.
In April of last year, the violation case was thrown out when it was found Ulrich was "found mentally incompetent to proceed." The restraining order expired in December.

Richard Ulrich, Greg Ulrich’s brother, says in 2018 his brother suffered a back injury and was prescribed opioids. He says he knew his brother was upset when he couldn’t get more. 

"He seemed to be upset with the doctors not giving him additional medication. He seemed to have a problem with it he seemed obsessed with it," Richard Ulrich said. "He told me several times he was mad and that they were being unreasonable." 

FOX 9 also reached out Allina Clinics, the Buffalo Police Department and the Wright County Sheriff’s office asking what extra security measures were taken, if any, after Ulrich’s violent threats and restraining order violations. Allina responded saying "when we have information available to pass along we will make sure that you get it." Law enforcement did not respond to our request for comment.