Court documents: Ulrich was ordered to stay away from clinic doctor

The suspect in the shooting at the Allina Health clinic in Buffalo, Minnesota was ordered to stay away from a doctor who worked at the facility, court documents show.

According to the documents, in 2018, a judge dismissed a charge of violation of a temporary restraining order against Gregory Ulrich, who was arrested in connection with Tuesday’s shooting. The judge said Ulrich was not mentally competent to stand trial.

In a news conference Tuesday, officials said the attack on the Allina Health clinic may have been targeted at someone at the facility, but investigators would not elaborate further. Four people were injured in the incident and one person died Tuesday evening. 

After Ulrich’s violation of restraining order charge was dismissed in November 2018, Greg Ulrich was ordered not to have any contact with a certain Allina doctor and to turn in any weapons or permits to carry.

Law enforcement identified 67-year-old Gregory Ulrich as the suspect in the shooting Tuesday afternoon.

In a news conference Tuesday afternoon, the Wright County Sheriff said the man acted alone and was described as "disturbed with anti-government sentiments."

Ulrich is in custody and is known to local police from prior calls dating back to 2003.