8 Minnesota counties now have over 100 COVID-19 cases

Eight counties in Minnesota now have more than 100 cases of COVID-19, while nine counties still have no confirmed cases of the disease. 

Hennepin County has the highest number of cases in the state, with 1,416 confirmed cases as of Monday and 188 deaths. 

Nobles County, home to the JBS pork plant in Worthington, has the second highest number of cases overall 399, despite having only the 45th largest population of Minnesota’s 87 counties. With an estimated population of 22,000, Nobles County currently has the largest outbreak per capita in the state.

The other six counties with more than 100 cases are, in order of number of cases, Ramsey, Olmsted, Anoka, Dakota, Clay and Washington counties. 

Nine of the 87 counties in Minnesota have not seen any cases of disease. Among those is Cook County in northern Minnesota, which has advised tourists and people who own cabins or vacation homes in the area not to travel to the area for the time being because the county’s limited health care infrastructure is not equipped to handle a surge in COVID-19 cases. 


  • Hennepin: 1,416 cases, 188 deaths
  • Nobles: 399 cases, 1 death
  • Ramsey: 297 cases, 22 deaths
  • Olmsted: 246 cases, 6 deaths
  • Anoka: 168 cases, 5 deaths
  • Dakota: 144 cases, 7 deaths
  • Clay: 131 cases, 9 deaths 
  • Washington: 114 cases, 8 deaths