Inver Grove Heights ‘erotic massage’ homicide: 2 people sentenced

A Minneapolis man and woman were sentenced to over three decades in prison for the fatal shooting of a man in his Inver Grove Heights home.

An Anoka County judge sentenced Logan David Slack, 25, and Fotini Anest West, 26, Tuesday morning to each serve 367 months, approximately 30.5 years, at the St. Cloud Correctional Facility with credit for 221 days served.

The pair were originally each charged with two counts of second-degree murder in the death of 43-year-old Michael Chang-Beom. However, both Slack and West took separate plea deals earlier in 2023 to drop one of the murder charges in exchange for pleading guilty

According to court records, the September 2022 fatal shooting of Chang-Beom stemmed from an "erotic massage" at his home in Inver Grove Heights. Slack told police he dropped West at Chang-Beom’s home to give him a massage in exchange for money. 

After reportedly being assaulted and not paid by Chang-Beom, West left the house, and Slack grabbed a firearm from the SUV to break into the house through the backdoor. When they confronted Chang-Beom, he hid in the basement bathroom and locked the door. 

Slack broke a large hole in the bathroom door and fired at Chang-Beom, but the first shot was from an empty chamber. Slack then pulled the trigger again and shot Chang-Beom in the back, according to court records.

Chang-Beom called 911 during the incident and authorities say Slack shot him to prevent him from doing so. Following the shooting, West went into the bathroom, took Chang-Beom’s cell phone and left the house with Slack. 

Officers stopped a vehicle from leaving the area and arrested three occupants — two men and a woman — after determining that they had been involved in the incident.

Officers said they found the revolver and Chang-Beom’s cell phone inside Slack's SUV.