15 arrested in St. Paul overnight for curfew, weapons violations

St. Paul police patrol the Marshall Avenue bridge area.

Police in St. Paul, Minnesota released information Sunday showing that 15 people were arrested overnight, most for either curfew violations or weapons violations. Almost all of those arrested held Minnesota addresses.

According to St. Paul Police, nine people were arrested for curfew violations, and six people were arrested for weapons violations. Most of the people held addresses in St. Paul, but two were listed as unknown.

Officials said there were about 30 arrests in Ramsey County and 25 arrests in Hennepin County by 2 a.m. Sunday. Statewide, the Department of Public Safety reported that more than 155 people were arrested.

Authorities have been investigating where the agitators are coming from after receiving tips that the agitators are coming from out of state. 

Saturday, St. Paul Mayor Melvin Carter corrected himself after saying that 100 percent of the people arrested for causing disorder in his city Friday were from out of state. Three-quarters of the people arrested in St. Paul had Minnesota addresses, according to data provided to FOX 9 by police.

Minneapolis and St. Paul are both under another curfew from 8 p.m. Sunday to 6 a.m. Monday. During the curfew, no one is allowed to travel on Minneapolis and Saint Paul streets or public places, except for first responders, members of the media, people going back and forth to work, individuals seeking emergency care or fleeing danger, and people experiencing homelessness. Curfews are not limited to Minneapolis and St. Paul. Mayors and local governments across the state can issue their own curfews, so check with your city officials.