14 dogs rescued from animal neglect charges find homes

Josh Nelson didn't know Georgia's backstory when they first met at the Animal Humane Society. He just knew that she was the right fit.

"She's in a happier place now and that's kind of what matters more... I'm just happy she's out of that situation now," Nelson told FOX 9.

The 3-year-old German Shepherd mix is thriving now after surviving an unimaginable and inhumane situation.

She was among the 22 dogs rescued by the Animal Humane Society from For Furever, an Andover-based animal rescue organization that's been at the center of an animal cruelty investigation.

This all began last October when eight dead dogs were found dumped on Grey Cloud Island near Cottage Grove, thought to have died from the parvovirus. Detectives connected the dogs to a vet tech who lives there and works with For Furever.

At the rescue, officers found dogs covered in feces and urine, without food or water. The rescue's founder, Carley Ryan, faces multiple felony animal cruelty charges.

The Animal Humane Society's Dr. Graham Brayshaw says many of the dogs were suffering from breathing problems from high levels of ammonia detected in the building.

"They lived in it non-stop, so it was chronic caustic irritating exposure to chemicals that the body is not supposed to be exposed to at those levels," said Brayshaw.

The best medicine these dogs have received though is a loving, healthy home. This case and most of the animal cruelty cases, Dr. Brayshaw has seen are not outright abuse cases, they are rooted in neglect.

The Animal Humane Society wants to make sure people reach out for help before a situation gets this bad.

They have resources on their website where you can report animal abuse and neglect.