Twins home opener weather history

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"Play ball" will soon be heard again in the Twin Cities. The Twins home opener will happen on April 11 this season, and April is a volatile month to plan anything outdoors.

The Minnesota Twins got a break from the elements from 1982-2009 when they played indoors. However from 1961 to 1981 and from 2010, the Twins took their weather chances out in the elements. 

The coldest home opener was April 14, 1962 with a high of 34 degrees and a low of 20 that day reported at the Twin Cities International Airport.

The warmest was  April 22, 1980 with a high temperature of 90 degrees.

It even snowed during the during the opener on April 23, 1972. It wasn't much but flakes are flakes and they do not belong at the ball park!

Check out the slideshow above for more facts on the weather history of opening day with the Twins.