Temperatures move below zero as dangerous cold sets in Minnesota

Another week and another shot of arctic air is on its way. We have certainly gotten used to the super cold air coming straight out of the Arctic Circle. But that doesn't make it any less dangerous, especially since this shot of cold will rival some of the coldest numbers we've seen all season.

Much colder air is pushing southward out of Canada behind our parade of clippers that brought a few inches of snow to many spots over the weekend. Temperatures themselves will be cold enough, but breezes will hang around as well, with maybe the exception of early Wednesday morning. Because of that, wind chills will be FAR below zero and could surpass -50° in some spots north of I-94... and -40° closer to the Twin Cities.

As of 9 p.m. on Monday, temps dropped below zero and air temperatures should stay subzero from this point into Wednesday morning. It'll be dangerously cold overnight into Tuesday afternoon and again overnight Tuesday into Wednesday morning.

Monday night into Tuesday morning, the Metro and areas east included in a wind chill advisory with air temperatures near -15 and wind chills near -30. With areas west in a wind chill warning with air temperatures near -20 and wind chills near -40.