More rain rolls through parts of Minnesota, but will it be enough?

Several showers and storms developed early Monday afternoon, slowly moving east. At times the storms brought heavy rain, gusty winds and small hail as well as rumbles and lightning to parts of the state.

And after this weekend's rainfall, many are wondering what it will take to give farmers some relief amid the drought.

Ryan Pawelk, an agronomist for Mid-County co-op in Cologne, said the recent rain is very welcome, but it’s more like a band-aid in this situation.

"It’s going to allow the crops to kind of take a breather and kind of get growing again," he said. "Everything was kind of shut down."

The area of the state west of the metro is surviving the drought better than others because they had decent sub-soil moisture to start with. South and southeast of the metro are doing well, too as it got several inches of rain over the weekend.

Still, big chunks of the state are hurting.

Colleen Carlson, extension educator for Carver and Scott counties, said the spotty showers have not been enough. Parts of southwestern Minnesota also missed out on recent rains, and many are hoping the showers become more frequent.

"We need the whole state of Minnesota to get rain," Carlson said. "We need an inch of rain each week now until harvest."

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