Northern Minnesota records first accumulating snow of season

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Photo credit: Vivian Probasco / Backus, Minnesota 

Winter is coming. Some parts of Minnesota saw their first accumulating snow of the season overnight Friday. 

Some areas have already seen snow this year, but this is the first accumulating snow. Snow fell mostly up north, but made its way at least as far south as Aitkin. 


Mckinley: 3" 

Snow Bank Lake: 2.5" 

Grand Portage: 2"

Grand Rapids 7 SE: 2"

Ely: 1.5"

Oct. 5 is early to see the first accumulating snow, even for northern Minnesota. On average, International Falls sees its first accumulating snow on Oct. 20 and Hibbing sees its first accumulating snow on Oct. 28. 

In the Twin Cities metro, the average date for the first accumulating snow is Nov. 4, although the earliest recorded date for accumulating snow is September 24, 1985.